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            Jiammin Group is an integrated pharmaceutical company with a major focus on pediatric product development, manufacturing, and marketing. Founded in 1953, headquartered in Wuhan, the largest city in Central China, its history can be traced back to 17th century. Jianmin has been a famous pharma brand in China among children and their parents for generations. Its rich pediatric portfolio ranges from nutrition, hematology, respiratory, digestive, CNS, to infections and common cold.

            With established OTC business through decades accumulation, the company has also forged its prescription drug portfolio for many years. We have a research institute dedicated for pediatric drug development. Meanwhile through open innovation partnering with outside, wide arrays of new products are expected in the future.

            In 2020, Jianmin has a total revenue of RMB 2.45 billion (USD 377 million), with about 55% coming from its own products and 45% from distribution & retail business of products from other companies. As a public company listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (600976.SSE), Jianmin has a market cap of RMB 5.55 billion (USD 854 million) per data on April 30, 2021.


            Accredited as “China Time-honored Brand”/中华老字号 by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, Jianmin is the State Key Pediatric Drug Manufacture Base and top 100 pharmaceutical companies in the country. Its pillar product “Longmu Granule”/龙牡壮骨颗粒 is a prestigious OTC brand for pediatric growth and nutrition, protected by the government as First Class Traditional Chinese Medicine Heritage/一级中药保护品种. Jianmin has also been selected “500 Most Valuable Chinese Brands” among all industries in China for 11 consecutive years since 2009 by World Brand Lab /www.worldbrandlab.com, a leading independent consultancy of brand valuation and marketing strategy based in New York.


            Jianmin Group, formerly known as “Kaitai Ye Pharmacy”, was first established in 1637 AD during the reign of Chongzhen Emperor of the Ming Dynasty. The company had already enjoyed the reputation as one of the three outstanding pharma businesses in early Qing Dynasty in late 17th century. On June 1st, 1953, Kaitai Ye Pharmacy was reformed and renamed as Wuhan Jianmin Pharmaceutical Factory. In 2004, the company became a listed company at Shanghai Stock Exchange (600976.SSE). Over the past four centuries, Jianmin Group has nurtured a nationally renowned pharmaceutical company for pediatric healthcare.

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